The Human Codex – safeguarding humanities Heritage, Culture and Personal history for the future generations, in the hope they can learn and be inspired from their ancestors (us) lived their lives and the struggles they faced.

“We each have a story to share, we each have a lesson to teach.” By working together collectively as a species we have the potential to start “Guiding our future, by sharing your past”.

We believe your story has the power to help create a better future, your story matters, you matter. For the first time in history the human race has the technology to acknowledge each of us who walk the planet, solving the age-old problem of names being lost through the ages.

The Human Codex is the first digital history record of the people created by the people for the people. It will allow the people of the planet to leave their mark in history by creating a digital time capsule for the future generations to explore.

Its purpose is simple, it is a place where everyone can come and leave their own personal mark in history. Visitors of the platform will be given the ability to create their own digital time capsule (called a Codex) which will allow them to record any significant life events as well as their thoughts,feelings, lessons they learned in life and anything else that’s wanted to share with the future generations. Different types of media can be saved to your Codex and your Codex allows you to showcase your life Chronologically and Geographically.

We are asking people to document their lives so that they can be remembered. Our hope is that, future generations will get to see the true likeness of the people of our time and also to learn from our life experiences. For the first time, the people of this planet can choose the way they want to be remembered and The Human Codex gives all of us that opportunity, for free!