THC - in the beginning
Posted on January 23, 2018 5:25 pm by humancodex

When we first started I was so excited, I had finally found someone to make The Human Codex the way I wanted, who understood the concept, except what I kept thinking it was all to good to be true. Which later turned out to be the case. Long Story cut short, I found myself over a year down the line with nothing to show and funds gone. So, in February 2017, the developer and The Human Codex went their separate ways.

In the meantime, I had met Domagoj (October 2016). We had both signed up to participate in a project to do with Space, which I subsequently felt like I had to leave in order to protect & concentrate on The Human Codex. When Domagoj and I first starting speaking, it was as if we had known each other for a long time. We instantly became friends and I think we have spoken pretty much every day since. Domagoj kindly offered to take a look at what I had for The Human Codex so far and taught me some basics about web development. Liking the concept and my vision for the application, He later agreed to be our new developer.

Within a week of Domagoj as the new THC Developer, we had a single page up for the public, so they could finally see what we were trying to accomplish (this is down now while we update to Word Press). We spoke about THC nonstop and together worked out a solid foundation. Also, as our friendship continued to grow, we were able to help one another with personal issues that arose along the way (we all have them!).

Alongside all of this, I had been experiencing some problems with my day job. The problems appeared to be manageable at first but seemed to deteriorate further after August 2016 when I received some life-changing news. After what felt like a very rough time in my life in June 2017 I decided to focus solely on The Human Codex.

It wasn’t completely solely my choice but I knew the time had come to make a decision, it was time to take, what turned out to be one of if not the most crucial step so far.

Nothing had prepared me for what was to come next, I had to face one of my biggest fears, my own mind.