Inspiration from the pain - The Human Codex
Posted on January 23, 2018 5:19 pm by humancodex

It all began back in December 2015 following a conversation with my partner. She was upset about the thought of her future children being deprived of a relationship with her own mother, who had sadly passed away. I began thinking of possible ways in which I could help make this situation more bearable for her, a way to help. This then led on to thoughts of how I could make a difference to people worldwide. From this initial thinking, the idea of The Human Codex was born.

We continued to speculate about what The Human Codex could be; the benefits of having something like it and how it could help people. The main selling point focused on being a digital time capsule, allowing individuals to leave their own mark in history and to choose the way in which they want to be remembered. These conversations made me think of historical ancient scriptures which are themselves called Codex’s. The name The Human Codex evolved from the fact that we were allowing Humanity to create their very own Codex.

Like everyone with an idea, before starting anything I had to do my research. Was there something out there already that people could use to do the things we wanted to be able to do? I found that were a few things that skirted along similar lines to The Human Codex is, but nothing that has our purpose, or our intent.

After a few more weeks of thinking, I decided to look for a developer to build The Human Codex. Unfortunately, I could not do this myself as I do not currently know how to code, and learning would have led to delays in Creation. Although, I do hope to learn one day.

At first, the developers that I approached didn’t seem to show much enthusiasm. It was either too bigger task or they wanted a huge sum of money to create. Unfortunately, we could not afford to pay the amounts we were quoted. So, I decided to try doing crowd funder pages. Sadly, these also failed as I only raised £17 from both – £5 of which was from my partner and £10 from a close friend! I couldn’t understand why people seemed to think that The Human Codex was a good idea, yet weren’t offering to help in the slightest. I eventually gave up asking for help and, due to The Human Codex being a Not for Profit, Investments are out of the question.

Then, out of nowhere, I finally found someone! They were willing to create The Human Codex, within my price-range. It was almost too good to be true….