Posted on September 19, 2018 2:36 pm by humancodex

So much has happened since our last blog – It is about time we posted an update for you all!

Firstly, I want to say thank you to everyone who continues to follow and support The Human Codex. Your patience while waiting for the Core to be released is greatly appreciated 😊 we want it to be as good as it can be for you and will be sure to let you know as soon as its ready for users.

Since our last posts, we sold our house and moved to Croatia to be closer to the development team. It was hard leaving our friends and family, particularly just before Christmas, but it was to be our biggest adventure yet and we were excited to be moving full steam ahead with The Human Codex. The flight was a bit of an ordeal, for both us and the cats, but eventually we all got there!

We rented a house in Osijek from a very nice guy. There wasn’t anything that he wouldn’t do to help out and despite neither of us being able to speak each others language, we made it work. We dedicated one of the rooms in the house to be the THC workspace and kitted it out with desks, chairs, equipment etc. Everything felt as though it could be finally be falling into place but we should have known that something so worthwhile wouldn’t be that easy…

In April 2018, our Designer (Marko Boskavic) and our Front-end developer (Domagoj Buljan) departed the team. We were fortunate enough that our back end developer knew an extraordinary person and a one of a kind designer who liked and wanted to work with THC.

Losing our front-end developer wasn’t the best situation to be in however, luckily for us, we had also been liaising with another developer who had expressed an interest in working with us. He seemed keen, had many ideas and was looking for work – the timing was perfect!

Things got real bad real quick, we took the decision to flee Osijek and head towards Split on the coast of Croatia. Both the back-end and newly appointment Front-end developer agreed to continue their work with us remotely, so it was just a case of maintaining communication with them in order to avoid delays and keep things moving forward. It seemed as though, despite a few delays, we were back on track.

Unfortunately, that feeling didn’t last long. Once we had left Osijek, we contacted our newly appointed Front-end Developer on numerous occasions trying to get updates etc to which we either received no response or excuses days later. Time was of the essence and we couldn’t afford to keep waiting on him. This departure was actually extremely disappointing for us as we had genuinely thought he had been committed to THC. In addition, we knew that it would take time to find a replacement so either way work on THC was going to experience another delay.

Despite being in such a beautiful setting, this was probably our lowest moment working on THC. Everything felt like a struggle and we were tired of the constant battle. Our faith in humanity had been diminishing with each day and the reasons for carrying on were no longer clear. It was a dark time to say the least.

During this time, we also had to think about what the future held for us personally. We had invested a lot of our money into bringing THC to life and had to start considering the best way to use the remaining funds to live…

We came up with the idea of touring, so that we could slowly make our way back to the UK without having to put the cats through the trauma of another flight and also get to see a little of Europe on the way – perfect! So I headed back to the UK for a weekend in the middle of May, picked up a car and a caravan with my dad and returned to Croatia with them. I had never driven in Europe or towed a Caravan before, so the prospect was scary but still, an adventure.

The Founder and I had agreed that, while I was away, we would both think long and hard about whether to continue with The Human Codex. There had been so many obstacles and it became very tiring, always fighting to move forward.

BUT, if nothing else, we are determined! We feel that people could really benefit from using THC and it is our duty to get it out there. Upon my return, we started the hunt for a new Front-end Developer. The Founder had been in conversation with a friend who said that he could recommend someone. After so many knock backs, we tried not to get our hopes up, but this seemed to be the lifeline we were waiting for.

The new developer caught quickly up to speed with where the platform was at and began work to help finish what we started all those years ago!

Luckily, throughout all this, we also had a brilliant back-end developer and he kindly introduced us to a designer that he knew, who has turned out to be very professional and equally brilliant! Based on his knowledge and experience he has created a new design for The Human Codex and this is what we are currently working on implementing.

So, after the craziest 8 months, we are now back in the UK working remotely with the thc team that now is in Croatia and Poland. The journey has been anything but easy…but we are still here, now stronger, wiser and more determined than before. We have a committed team with some world class talent in it who are all working towards having THC up and alive. We can see the light!!