The Human Codex

Human history of the people, by the people, for the people.

The Human Codex (Company number: 10642472) was incorporated in February 2017 under the directives of The Companies Act 2006 as a Community Interest Company Limited by Guarantee. This enabled us to begin developing as a not-for-profit enterprise.


The Human Codex is the digital time capsule platform.

It extends the tradition of storing relevant items by communities (or individuals) in containers that will carry them in to the future. Waiting deep inside the ground to unfold the image of the past when opened, the vessel is connecting two points in time and preserving the zeitgeist of the era.

An opening of a time capsule was an exciting event. People were curious about what is inside the locked and buried container – they hoped that once opened, it would clarify uncertainties and give them a better sense of the past. Today, technology plays a similar role… or, to be precise, it did before we became so flooded with digital inundation. We have lost touch with the spiritual and uplifting elements of what gets stored.

THC seeks to return this quality to our users by increasing the value of the information contained inside each user’s capsule. From genealogy and family history platforms to encyclopedic sources, the common approach is to create large clusters of data in a library-like fashion. But what of us people that live our own stories and recall our own truths about our adventures?

The Human Codex does build on elements of other journalism and personal/family heritage portals, but our model will be different. Most importantly it will allow users to decide what information to keep and how to put it together into their story as they lived and experienced it. To assure longevity we will be moving to a Block chain and are in talks to have the data stored in Crystal form thanks to one of our potential partners.

We respect technology’s data-gathering capabilities while we worry about how government, corporate, and cyber enterprises are seeking to collect details about us to construct an image of us that serves their interests.