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The Human Codex

The Human Codex aims to be the first ever human history record of the people, created by the people, for the people. Our purpose is simple, we want to provide a service where everyone can come and leave their own personal mark in history. Visitors of the site will be given the ability to create their own Time Capsule (called a Codex) which will allow them to record any significant life events such as birthdays; weddings etc. Photos and videos can also be saved to the Codex. We are asking people to document their lives in a way in which they want to be remembered. Our hope is that, future generations get to see the true likeness of the people of our time and give our descendants the chance to learn from our life experiences. For the first time the people of this planet can change the way they will be remembered throughout history and we want to give you that opportunity, for free! THC Ltd is being converted into a CIC. Our goal…? To make an official human history record of the people, by the people, for the people.


“Don’t ask the world what it will do for you, show the world what you can do for it. The Human Codex, guiding our future by sharing your past”. The Human Codex will allow each user to create a personalised digital time capsule called a Personal Codex. You will be able to fill this Codex with your life story. Imagine you could look at your great great grandparent’s life and see how they lived, how they perceived their reality, and what they were like as people. For the first time in human history this is now possible and easier to do than ever. Our hope is that people will share their life stories, the experiences they have endured, the lessons they have learned so that all of this valuable knowledge can be passed on to future generations. Not only is THC good for documenting our species, the information is stored in a way in which people are in control of what they share and who sees the content. We hope that users of THC will see this as an exciting opportunity to participate in the creation of a digital human library.


Once the application is launched, users can start to build their personal Codex and The Human Codex will be born. We will implement a way where users will be able to see how the income, if any, has been spent. Income will be spent in the following three ways: 1) Running costs of the site 2) Application upgrade and new feature developments 3) Charity. When THC Ltd becomes a more stable entity we will incorporate a feature that allows users to get involved with the allocation of THC’s Charity funds. We will be asking for volunteers to help in their local communities to assist those who are not able to access the internet, or don’t know how to use it, to get registered up so that they may share their life story, in their own words and can be remembered through out history. We need to start small, we will build a solid foundation, and hopefully grow to reach our full potential.

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