Our Vision

The Human Codex

Human history of the people, by the people, for the people.


When we first started to operationalize, we put together a governing board and began to develop and refine specific goals and objectives. The specifics of these visions are evolving as the scope of our dream has grown. We have identified the following general guiding expectations for our beginning year of implementation:

• Create a self-sustaining platform where users can record their life stories.
• Reach out to connect people from different walks of life such that they understand and can begin using the site.
• Retain an emphasis on creating a unique addition to the history record that is truthful and honest to individual visions of their lives and that is less tainted by external interests that can extend to using personal stories for greed, corruption, or self-interests.
• Offer to a broad reach of society a form of digital immortality.
• Help create a better future by asking the people to share their pasts, so that those who come after us can learn early what we learn later in life.

We believe we can inspire the future generations though the power of story telling.

Our early efforts are directed at getting the platform fully usable. As this happens, we will be able to follow unique ancillary opportunities as well. For example, filling in the details of one’s like in a step-by-step way (like chapters in a book) gives meaning that can be important between generations, for making sense of family incidents and activities, for documenting behaviors that might help persons with medical conditions, etc. We also believe that THC will become a critical resource for online citizen and conventional journalists who discover stories that need a human element. Taken together, these truths become important in adding order to our many experiences.


We expect to release the first comprehensive Beta version of our platform in early 2019 – a site that will offer a free, open, and friendly hosting location where users can put the bits and pieces of who they are into their own digital time capsule.