Technology of

The Human Codex

Human history of the people, by the people, for the people.

In order to ensure that our platform is user-easy and adaptable to a wide-range of input and evolution, we have opted to develop the site using the most popular and modern backend framework PHP called Laravel, making THC a MVC Web application. Our application works with Google API’s to provide Geocoding and Place Autocomplete. We are storing data in a MySQL database via Eloquent ORM. Frontend of this application is based on Vue.js.

The special programming creates a digital time capsule that preserves memories in shareable formats. The data will be maintained to facilitate a true likeness of how the users lived their lives and will document information chronologically and geographically. The news feed will be usable either on the typical wall, or through a map. It will show contacts and connection about where they are and where they are going in their adventure.

There will not be suggested posts, thus encouraging people to create their own. There will be a self-analysis page to raise awareness and help keep the story moving forward.