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From the moment I heard the concept I knew that it was a project that I wanted to be involved in. I find the idea of having a human history record written by the people themselves liberating. However, this is not the only reason I wanted to get involved, it also touched me on a personal level. A few years ago my mother unexpectedly passed away. It has been tough coming to terms with the loss but, the most heartbreaking thought for me is that my children will never know her. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one day my children and grandchildren could digitally access something that showed her entire life through pictures/videos, thoughts, places she travelled? Well now, they will be able to and I think that is a wonderful thing.


I have had many jobs in my adult life, and currently I work in Finance, however my passion is innovation and people. The Human Codex is my attempt of creating a self sustaining entity that will last through out the ages. The hope is to help as many people as possible when THC is self sustaining by allowing its users to allocate a portion of any funds not used for THC costs to a verified community project. The concept behind THC is to try and create something our descendants will look back on and be grateful, for the efforts of each user and for their input. I believe each of us has a story to tell and each of us has the right to have our existence acknowledged. I also hope The Human Codex can help bring us closer as a species once we notice the little similarities we all share. They say knowledge is power, lets give power back to the people.


When I first saw The Human Codex the first thought in my head was that everyone has the right to leave their life experience for younger generations.How many stories are out there that will never be heard? How much of impact in someone’s personal life can a story have? I am the main developer for The Human Codex and my job is to bring the complete experience to everyone.I help around project workflow, frontend developing and maintaining everything there is.Everyone of us has its own life story and to produce something with such a great meaning is the main reason why I started to help with great passion in the first place. The Human Codex for the people, by the people, will bring all lives stories at one place.


Hi all I am Lead Backend developer for The Human Codex. One day I will write my short story for this team box but this is not the time now, so Frontend developers are handling my text.


We are looking for UX / UI / Designer to join our Human Codex team.If you are innovative passionate person who is willing to grow with organisation contact us.
Skills needed:
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe illustrator
Adobe XD
We dont care about experience and past life as long as you are good and passionate at what you do.
If you feel you would fit in, send us a message and we will set a Skype call.
Full time job with monthly salary.


We hope in near future we will be able to offer more job positions.The Human Codex team is constantly growing and looking for new and innovative people to join our team and help us improve and create a better organisation.

Our team is always working to improve user experience and create The Human Codex of the people, by the people for the people available to everyone.

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